Local Missions

We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ to our neighbors in need.

How to Get Involved Serving Christ

Through Bixby First United Methodist Church

Circle of Care

            Our United Methodist agency caring for children, teens, struggling single mothers, and foster parents:  Tahlequah Children’s Home, Boy’s Ranch in Gore, Pearl’s Hope in Sand Springs, and Preparation for Adult Living (PAL).   They are often looking for servants to do work around facilities or provide financial support.  To learn more, contact Diana Sample.

Restore Hope

            This is our United Methodist Agency in West Tulsa on Charles Page Blvd., that provides groceries and utility support to struggling families.  They also work with those who are about to become homeless, providing some rental support.  They are often looking for donations of money or food, and frequently need servants to come work in the food pantry area. 


Project Transformation

            Every July, we provide teens and adults to go read with impoverished children in the area of Southern Hills UMC on Lewis.  We will be seeking servants who will spend a morning or more sitting with a child as he/she reads.  These are children who are experienced at distractive behavior to get out of reading, so it takes someone with the ability to keep a child focused.

Bixby Outreach Center

            This local ministry is funded by many local churches and businesses.  They provide groceries, clothing, school supplies, and occasionally utility support to the people of Bixby, Liberty, Mounds, Leonard, and Haskell.  They are often looking for servants to assist in the food pantry, the clothing area, or as intake counselors.  Half of our Loose Change Offering goes to the Bixby Outreach Center, to provide financial assistance to their work.


Operation Hope

            This ministry was created by Asbury UMC.  They provide transportation for adults who are leaving prison and moving into Exodus House.  They provide training for inmates and service dogs, which are then given to Veterans in need of a service dog.  They provide children’s books for the inmates to read aloud into a digital recorder, and then transfer their reading voice onto CD’s, and send the CD and the book to their children or grandchildren, so the child can hear their absent parent/grandparent each night before bedtime.  We have several in our church who have been given credentials to enter Oklahoma prisons to provide this ministry.  We also have several in our church who provide transportation for children to go visit their parents in prison and have a play date.  To learn more, contact Al Nordean.

Health Ministry

            We provide days for blood donations, and occasionally provide training in cardiac resuscitation, and the use of AED equipment.  To learn more, contact Susan Arenson.


Backpack Ministry

            We provide a weekend’s worth of food to approximately 30 homeless teens each weekend.  These are students at Bixby High School who have no family support, and no permanent address.  They float from home to home, sleeping on floors or couches, until their welcome is worn out and they move on.  These weekend supplies provide them nutrition when free school lunches are not available to them.  We have two teams who do the purchasing of specific, required items, and then fill the sacks and deliver them to the high school.  We can always utilize more servants in the packing and delivering portion of this ministry.  To learn more, contact Elaine Bostian or Rebecca Petty.


Feed My Sheep Ministry

            We provide healthy lunches to students who rely on Provided School Lunches when they are not in school.  During Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Summer months, we have teams who create the meals, sack them up, and give them to the children who come in to our On the Edge Ministry Center in downtown Bixby.  We are always seeking financial donations to purchase the food, and servants who are willing to work one day or more providing the meals.  On Wednesdays during the summer, we also provide reading centers, games, and storytelling to the children who are interested in staying a while in the cool building.  Servants interested in helping with this activity would also be welcomed.  To learn more, contact Vicki Heister or Sondra McNiel.