Senior Pastor

Rev. Daniel Pulver

There is something wonderful happening in this church. Truly, we are on the growing edge of grace. God's unconditional love is transforming us into the Body of Christ, and we are growing into the image of Christ.

Our culture is quickly becoming indifferent to the calling of Christ. It is going to become harder and harder for us to be relevant to our neighbors, friends, and family.

God is about to do something new through this church and we pray you will want to become a part of what God is doing.


Associate Pastor

Rev. Matthew Thompson

Facebook: BixbyPastorMatt

Twitter: BixbyPastorMatt

God gave us everything we needed when He created the world!

Why do we go searching for more?  We feel like we need more money, better cars, a bigger house, the finest vacations. Why? Why are we so bent on filling our lives with things that do not matter? God has already given us everything we need and that resides in simplicity. The essentials in life are easy unless you look further than God's creation. Hebrew 15:5 says " content with what you have, for He has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.''

If you find yourself wanting something more, but do not know what it is; or if you seem to be searching for something to sustain you, but do not know where to look, try looking at the cross and you will find it.