8:30 Modern Service

*Stepping Into the Light 




Acts 5: 25-32


Lord’s Prayer

Children’s Church


Adding to the Priesthood

Revelation 1: 4-8

Offering/Loose Change Offering


*Be the Risen Church


11:00 classic service


The Light of Christ Welcomes You


*Called Into God’s Presence

            One: Before you were born, God knew you!

            ALL:  Before we were born, God set us apart!


We are being shaped and formed by the

loving hands of God.  Once we were no people,


But now, we are God’s People!  We ARE His Church!

 To God Be the Glory         Hymn     #98

Affirming Our Faith in God     #881

*Gloria Patri

Acts 5: 25-32

Unison Prayer

Lord Jesus, we are amazed at the courage your resurrection

and your Spirit gave to the first apostles.  

They weren’t afraid of speaking your name.  

They had no fear of being put in prison for their efforts.  

They knew the power of your resurrection was available to them, 

and they were eager to be obedient to your leadership.  

They were so excited about the story, they couldn’t stop

talking about what you had done for our redemption.  

We want to be that inspired.  We want to be so thrilled by your story, 

that it moves us to share it with those who have not heard.  

Stir up in us the desire to serve you; we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.



*Loose Change Offering

Spirit Song  Hymn #347

Pastoral Prayer, Lord’s Prayer

Children’s Church



Adding to the Priesthood

Revelation 1: 4-8

Making Promises to God

Baptism of Colin Brown

Remembering Their Baptism

            Aubrey Flowers, Olivia Thompson

Confirming New Disciples

Laying On of Hands

Anointing with Oil

Offering Them the Cross

Becoming the Church

Will you pray, be present, give, serve, and witness?

Here I Am, Lord     Hymn #593